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This site is a representation of many of my passions, not the least of which is raising funds for worthy non-profit causes. To that end, not just profits, but all proceeds from the donation of my handmade jewelry go directly to the organizations that allow me to contribute positively to their efforts. In short, this is not an e-commerce site but rather a conduit for giving.

Another of my passions is the animals that have adopted me, one of which was my beloved Koji-Ami. She was a magnificent, gentle, devoted Akita who graced my life for more than a dozen years after my good fortune to welcome her into my home. The non-profit rescue organization that made that possible is one of my estate benefactors and a yearly recipient of my cash donation.

Shortly before Koji's passing in 2011, I began making jewelry. Initially, it was for my own accessorizing and to give unique gifts to my loved ones, but it grew into a delightful compulsion that has led to an enormous supply of materials and no end to my creative needs.

And so, I set out to sell my wares, but the details of that traditional route were daunting and, frankly, unsatisfying - not because I wasn't grateful for the extra income, but because it was turning into a business, and THAT was very inconvenient. You see, I don't need the money I was able to generate - but Time, well, that is something of which I never seem to have enough.


Being blessed with a Life's Journey that has brought me to a place of prosperity, and an abiding desire to give back, the answer to a question that had been unanswered for so long suddenly came into view.

This is my Purpose. This is my Legacy. This is my Privilege, my Zen, my Joy,

I hope, too, that it will inspire others to use their talents to benefit the vast array of worthwhile charities - I assure you, it is a mutual gift.