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​Which Non-profits Qualify?

501 (c) (3) organizations that host Silent Auctions, raffles, etc. for fundraising purposes that align with my values (most will).


Are there any costs, like shipping?

No. I will pay to get my pieces to the recipient if they are not local or able to pick up, as long as there is sufficient time to send economically within the United States. An official receipt for my donation would be appreciated.


​How Can a 501 (c) (3) Request Donations?

Through the CONTACT page on this site. Inventory availability fluctuates, so not all requests can be fulfilled upon receipt but future requests will be considered.

Can The Organization Select Its Items?

In some cases, perhaps, but in most, I'll send a variety of pieces I've chosen, based on availability. The photos on the HOME page are samples of pieces that may or may not be available, but inventory of similar styles continues to grow.


What Is The Jewelry Made Of?

The HOME page has a good sampling of the type of jewelry I make - many of the elements are natural stones, some pieces will contain genuine leather, Sterling Silver, and/or Stainless Steel, brass and/or copper. Other materials will be silver- and gold-tone, typically plated over brass or copper. All will be made with great care, time, and an eye for quality.

Returns & Exchanges

I hope you understand why there will be none of these.


Can Our 501 (c) (3) Be Linked To This Site?

Yes, as long as it aligns with my values (and most will). Send a note through this site's CONTACT page to request being added to its LINKS page.

Who Makes The Jewelry?

I do ;-) So as not to detract from what matters on this site, if you have any questions about me personally, feel free to ask them through the CONTACT page.